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This map service will allow you to make any payment distance
on the satellite map to Phoenix or any other city in the world.
The calculation of the distance is possible both with reference to the roads
and in a straight line.
Our service is unique in that will allow you to calculate the distance on the world map
between an unlimited number of points, you will be able to measure even the most difficult
route on a world map, even where there are no roads, where the calculation of other services
distance really will not be able to help.

How to use our service range is based on a geographical map!

First, you need to enter in the text box (Enter city) of your city or town
the point where you want to make a calculation of the distance and click on the search
button (Search on the map) now you will see a detailed map of your desired city.
Now, on the map you will find the right place for you from which you want to calculate
range, click the left mouse button on the map and on the map in this place will
marker blue, is now on the map the endpoint of your calculation, top
the result will appear on the map of your calculation in kilometers, can translate this
distances (miles, nautical miles, yards) is very convenient.

Points calculation of the distance on the map Phoenix can be an unlimited number.
If you need to remove the last point of the calculation of the distance on the map, it is necessary to
click on the button (Clear the last result), for a more detailed view
your route on a map, click on the button (Zoom in on the map), for the convenience of
can be removed to display only the blue line for markers remain on the world map
do this, click on the (Remove marker) button.
If you want to delete all results, all your calculations of distance on the map of the world
press the button (Clear all results).

For your convenience, can be calculated as a straight line and on the roads.
In a straight line — all of your calculations of distance on the world map will be measured in a straight line.
Snap to roads — all of your calculations of distance on the world map will be measured on roads.
Calculation of distance on the map is available in (kilometers, miles, nautical miles, yards).

If you liked this distance calculation service and you have found it useful, you
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This is useful in case you want to show someone calculation result
distance, to do this, copy and send the link to a friend or simply share with others.

If you have your own blog or website, and you want to be at the same service as
we simply copy the «Code for your site».
Enjoy your use of our map services!
Calculation of the distance on the map - — mapping service!
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I hope that you enjoy our service, enjoy your search!

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