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Measure the area and perimeter of any object on the map (Dallas)
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This service will allow you to measure the area and perimeter of any land
section in Dallas or any other city in the world on a map.

How to use our service area calculation and the perimeter on a map!

To get started you need to use a text box (Enter city) your city
or village where you want to calculate the area and perimeter and click on
search button (Search on the map) now you will see a detailed map of your destination.

Now, on the map you will find the right place for you where you want to calculate the square
for example land, left click on a geographic map and
this place marker blue will now also find itself on the following map
point your calculation, and so long until you select the blue line all sides
land plot with an area you want to measure.
Above the card the result of your calculation of area and perimeter appear.
Calculation is made in the area: km², m², hectare (ha), an acre (ac).
Perimeter calculation is made in: meters and kilometers

If you wish to display or remove the marker on a map, then
you need to select the option (Show marker).
If you want to remove the fill color inside your area calculation, then
you need to select the option (Remove fill color).
If you want to delete the last calculation point on a map, then
you need to click on the button (Delete last point).
If you want to delete all the calculation points on a map, then
you need to click on the button (Delete all the points).
If you want to add another calculation area and perimeter on a geographic
card, then you need to click on the button (Add new area).

To measure your convenience, for example land you can switch
a map mode (Satellite), then on the satellite map, you can visually
see their land and to make measurement of area and perimeter
a few minutes you will get the exact result of the measurement of your plot of land.

If you liked this service calculate the area and perimeter, and you have found it useful, you
can share the link with your friends on your current location!
This is useful in case you want to show someone the result of the calculation of the area and
perimeter, to do this, copy and send the link to a friend or simply share with others.

If you have your own blog or website, and you want to be at the same service as
we simply copy the «Code for your site».
Enjoy your use of our map services!

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